Get Green With Compressed Wood Bricks & Wood Pellets

Get Green With Compressed Wood Bricks & Wood Pellets

The Environmentally Friendly Firewood Alternative

Compressed Wood Bricks are made of kiln dried recycled wood that has been compressed under extreme pressure to form bricks. Compressed wood bricks are a responsible alternative because they burn hotter and cleaner than firewood. Compressed Wood bricks are excellent for wood stoves, fire places, furnaces, campfires and back yard fire pits.

5 Reasons to choose Compressed Wood Bricks:

  1. Compressed Wood Bricks are cleaner and can be easily stored indoors, with no insects or large amounts of sawdust like with traditional firewood.
  2. Compressed Wood Bricks contain no bark, which when burned leaves a large ash residue and creates harmful smoke pollution.
  3. Compressed Wood Bricks require less effort for the busy homeowner, with no chopping or hauling required.
  4. Wood Bricks burn hotter and longer than traditional firewood, as well as taking up less space, giving you the most value for your home!
  5. Made from recycled wood products, containing no additives, and cutting the amount of smoke pollution by up to ½, makes Compressed Wood Bricks the greenest choice on the market.

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    We stock:
    • Okanagan wood pellets
    • ENVIROWOOD Briquette by Enviro Wood Briquette LLC